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Classes Just For Junior Exhibitors
Various sections of the Show offer classes just for children and youth. Below is a list of junior classes bound to inspire you to enter and show off your talents. The conveners are all very keen to help junior exhibitors and are very happy to advise you as you prepare your entry so please don't hesitate to ask for help.

Also note: The Central District Shows Association (CDSA) runs a special competition for the person under 16 as at April 30, 2017 who earns the most points from wins in a section but over two or more shows (out of Mannum, Mt Pleasant, Tanunda, Angaston and Mt Barker shows). Ring the convener or the Show Office if you would like more information about this.
                                                         This year the sections in the CDSA competition are:


Junior Stock Handling/Judging, Cookery, Photography


Sections and Classes Just For Juniors:

 D7 : Beef Cattle (Junior Handler)
F2 : Sheep (Junior Handler)
F4 : Youth Stock Judging
G5 : Dairy Goats (Junior Handler)
H7 : Junior Poultry
I3 : Family Pets
L1 & L2 : Dairy &Agricultural Produce*
M4 : Junior Cut Flowers
N1 : Junior Potted Plants
N3 : Junior Floral Art
N7 : Junior Vegetables
O : Junior Eggs
P2 : Junior Cookery
Q4 : Junior Jams and Preserves
R4 & R5 : Handicrafts
T1 : Junior Craft
T5 : At the Bottom of the Garden
V1 & V2 : Art*
V5 : Literary
 W1 & W2 : Photography

  Details of all these classes and the conveners' contact details can be found in the Show Book. Be inspired to enter and have fun.
Good luck with all your entries!