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Rural Ambassadors

2018 Stock Journal, Royal Adelaide Show S.A. Rural Ambassador Youth Award
Conducted in conjunction with Agricultural Societies Council of South Australia 

Showcasing youth in our community

Are you young and enthusiastic about rural life?  Are you involved in your local community? Do you enjoy travelling and meeting new people?

The Rural Ambassador Award aims to highlight the importance of youth in rural South Australia and in particular the agricultural show movement.  The award provides a great opportunity to give young people a forum to express their views through education and experience, and to develop closer links with the primary industries in South Australia.

The Rural Ambassador Award provides young people with outstanding opportunities to travel locally, nationally and overseas.

The Award enables the Ambassador to represent their Show Society at local, association, state, and possibly national level.

The following two Awards are part of a program that runs state-wide through the show circuit, with the winners from the participating shows throughout the year competing together at the Royal Adelaide Show to determine the state winner.

2018 Mount Barker District Show Rural Ambassador Award Aged between 20 – 30 years inclusive
2018 Mount Barker District Show Young Rural Ambassador Aged between  16 - 19 years inclusive

Download the Rural Ambassador Information Brochure to read all about it.



See the Show Book for general details


The Mount Barker District Show also runs an ambassador competition for younger age groups with the aim to encourage children to become interested in being involved in The Mount Barker District Show.

This is divided into 3 age groups, and does not represent The Mount Barker District Show outside of the show if they win.
When judging these age groups, the judges will take note of the age of the competitor and ask questions while timing the length of interview appropriately. This is an exciting experience and opportunity for all young competitors.

2018 Mount Barker District Show Ambassadors:

Intermediate Show Ambassador & Runner-up 13 – 15 years
Junior Show Ambassador & Runner-up 9 – 12 years
Mini Show Ambassador & Runner-up 5 – 8 years

Mount Barker District Show Junior and Intermediate Ambassadors form (PDF)
Mount Barker District Show Mini Ambassadors form (PDF)

Judging of the competitions will be performed prior to the Show.

The presentation of awards will be held on the day  at the opening ceremony on Saturday 24th March.  

All participants are invited to join in at the official luncheon from 12pm onwards.
As a requirement of the role the older contestants may be asked to help with particular tasks on the day of the Mount Barker District Show.

To enter any of these awards please download the appropriate form using the PDF’s above, complete your form and return it to show office or post.   Addressed to:

Secretary, PO Box 844, Mount Barker SA 5251