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The Show offers a great range of farm animals to see and experience. Exhibits include:

Beef Cattle - Three main breeds, European Breeds, British Breeds,   - Section D1 - D7
Sheep - Four main breeds, Romney, Border Leister, Suffolk, White Suffolk. -  Section F1 & F2
Dairy Goats - Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine, Anglo Nubian - Section G5
Poultry - Large Fowl, Old English Game, Modern Game, Bantams Soft-Feather, Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys.-Section H1 - H7
Donkeys - Includes mules as well as donkeys - Section D9
Miniature Goats - Section G7

All of these animals and birds will be in tip-top show condition and on their best behaviour.

Have a close-up look and even pat some of them, with the owner’s permission of course. You can see the dairy animals being milked and if you are game, have a go at leading one of the beauties in the ring.

If you have your own registered stock or stud animals, compliant with the health regulations and documentation of the relevant breed sections, contact the conveners or the Show Office to find out any regulations to follow and what you have to do to enter.

  Many of the sections even have classes for juniors and first-time exhibitors. The conveners might also give you some tips on how to prepare your animal for the big day.


If you have animals or poultry that don’t meet the rules of the livestock sections, there is also a section for Family Pets where you could enter your very own prize-winner.

So, come along and have a look, or come along and good luck showing!




        nubian pair