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Flora - Sections M & N


Anyone can enter flowers at the Mount Barker District Show!

Yes it’s true!! Have you ever looked at the flowers at the Show, and thought to yourself ’I have flowers as good as those in my garden’ ? If so, then why not take this years Show as an opportunity to exhibit them?  Of course all flowers need to be grown by the exhibitors (except for flowers in the Floral Art classes), but if you have a love for gardening, this will be an enjoyable exercise for you.

You don’t need to be a professional to enter, and if you want to know more information, contact one of the conveners (contact details located in the  Show Book, who will be happy to assist you.


This is an extra special treat for us again this year. And this year this section is open to all exhibitors, no just members of the Rose Society so here's your opportunity to join the best! It is indeed a sight for sore eyes to see all these magnificent blooms.


Cut flowers Rules and regulations are at the beginning of the section. Unless stated most classes are not necessarily distinct, which means if it is a class of 3 flowers they can all be the one variety and colour or they can be all different. For Example: Petunias, 3 can be all red or could be 2 red and 1 white or all 3 different colours. In the coloured flower classes, the flowers must be distinct (different) varieties, but in the same colour as indicated in class (eg 3 yellow).  


Roses All listed in colours as single blooms, either as a bud (first petal unfurled, second unfurling) or at any further stage in opening up to a full bloom to be entered in the bloom class. These classes are designed to be simple to understand for all home gardeners entering roses in the show for the first time.  


Junior cut flowers Yes, as the section indicates we have classes for juniors aged 14 years and under to enter their flowers. We are very keen on giving juniors an opportunity to win prizes in the show, with some very simple and easy classes for them to understand.   

Dahlias All classes in the Open section are open for anyone to exhibit in whether a member or not of the Dahlia Society (who always support this section well). If you are entering Dahlias for the first time we do encourage you to enter in the Novice classes which are specifically for home gardeners who aren’t A or B Grade members of the Dahlia Society, so yes you too can win prizes with your dahlias.  

Potted plants – All plants to be the bon fide property of the exhibitor. A good selection of classes, including a Novice section to encourage new exhibitors who have never won a Champion prize for Pot Plants, thus giving you a good chance to win a well deserved prize. In the Potted Plants section you will also find classes to encourage Juniors with their Pot Plants.  (Section N1)


Floral Art Unlike the Cut Flower section, these flowers don’t necessarily need to be grown by the exhibitor and can be bought flowers. as These classes are judged on the work and imagination of the exhibitor. Open, Novice and Junior classes are offered and is open for anyone interested in staging an arrangement or arrangements at the Show. You don’t need to be a member of a Floral Art Club to enter.  (Section N3)

A popular section for Juniors is the Novelty Animal or Bird made from fruit &/or vegetables. We have had some very creative entries in previous Shows.

Don't the section for the juniors 'At The Bottom of The Garden' Section T5