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Cookery and preserves

Showcasing your cooking skills in an exhibit is an enjoyable and exciting experience for everyone involved, you the cook, the convenors who organise the section, the public who admire the beautiful foods in front of them, and the judges who grade. (Section P1, P2 & P3)

At the Mount Barker District Show, the cooking section is easily one of our biggest! There is something about presenting and taking pride in an everyday act that has evolved for over two hundred thousand years!

Exhibits range from cakes, biscuits, and scones, to pasties, sausage rolls and pizza.  So, whether you are a skilled passionate cook or relaxed part-time cook,  there is a section for your entry - and your age too - we would love to inspire your children to cook something delicious!

  P1 is the Open Section
  P2 is the Junior Section
  P3 is the Cake Decorating Section
decorated cake 



The Preserves section showcases jams, pickles and bottled fruit and vegetables. (Section Q1-Q4)

Once something commonly done, the practice of preserving fruit and vegetables for later use has diminished over the decades, but perhaps this art is making a comeback due to a renewed interest in knowing what goes into our food.

If you have never tried your hand at jam making or preserving before and you are unsure of where to start, don’t feel disheartened, why not search online for a wealth of recipes and tips. 


You’ll soon learn that most jams and preserves are fail-proof, and once you’ve had a go you’ll see how easy and delicious home-made can be!