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If you have a love of Art, Craft and/or Photography, then be sure to visit or compete in our creative sections. At the Mount Barker District Show we are proud to recognise and display local talent of all ages.


A wonderful example of the artistic talent in our community is on our front page.


 This is a completely new section this year. The latest hobby designed to ease stress and promote emotional well-being is colouring-in for adults. So, keeping up with the times, we have included it in the 2016 schedule so let's see how well you have de-stressed and how well you stay inside the lines. Look for Section T3.



This is another very popular Section. Last year's entries were fantastic, great in number and quality.

Again there are classes for every age group and subject. Make sure you get along and see this year's display of local talent even if you haven't got an entry on the board yourself.
For more information on how to participate, please consult the
Show Book
You will find sections for all ages to compete, as well as the prizes on offer for winning entries.